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           ( ) 1. They kept the fireto keep them warm.

          A. to burn B. burn C. burnt D. burning

          ( ) 2. Who’s the boyunder the tree?

          A. stand B. to stand C. standing D. stood

          ( ) 3. I don’t like to sit herenothing.

          A. doing B. do C. to do D. does

          ( ) 4. The girl students enjoyEnglish songs.

          A. singing B. to sing C. sing D. sung

          ( ) 5. Thank you forus so well.

          A. to teach B. teaches C. teaching D. taught

          ( ) 6. I often do someon Sundays.

          A. washed B. to wash C. wash D. washing

          ( ) 7. The boy Li Hua in Class One ishis brother.

          A. called B. calling C. to call D. call

          ( ) 8. It often takes me half an hourhome.

          A. walking B. to walk C. walked D. walk

          ( ) 9. Don’t forgether clean water every day.

          A. to give B. giving C. given D. give

          ( ) 10. I think it importantEnglish well.

          A. learning B. learn C. to learn D. learned

          ( ) 11. The funny story makes us.

          A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughed

          ( ) 12. She was often heardin English.

          A. sing B. singing C. sung D. to sing

          ( ) 13. Our teacher told ushard.

          A. to work B. working C. worked D. work

          ( ) 14. Could you tell methis word?

          A. to how read B. how to read

          C. how read D. how read to

          ( ) 15. I don’t know.

          A. when start B. when to start

          C. to how start D. how start

          ( ) 16. Please give me a pen.

          A. to write B. writing C. to write with D. written

          ( ) 17. He went homesome books.

          A. got B. getting C. get D. to get

          ( ) 18. Rememberlate for class again.

          A. not to B. not to be C. to be not D. be not to

          ( ) 19. Stop, please. I’ve something to tell you.

          A. to read B. reading C. read D. to write

          ( ) 20. Miss Li likes the studentsquestions.

          A. ask B. asking C. to ask D. asked

          ( ) 21. Would you please?

          A. not to go there B. to go there

          C. not go there D. going there

          ( ) 22. You don’t look well. Whyto see the doctor?

          A. not to go B. you not to go

          C. not go D. didn’t go

          ( ) 23. There’s something wrongmy radio. I’ll have it.

          A. with, fixed B. with, fixing

          C. on, to be repaired D. in, repaired

          ( ) 24. Let’sto the cinema together.

          A. to go B. going C. go D. went

          ( ) 25. Jim asked Li Pinghis best wishes to everybody.

          A. give B. gave C. giving D. to give

          ( ) 26. Have you read the book? It’s worth.

          A. read B. to read C. reading D. to reading

          ( ) 27. Please tell himthe light when he leaves.

          A. to turn off B. turn down C. turn off D. to turn down

          ( ) 28. I’m sorryyour friend is ill.

          A. hear B. to hear C. listen D. to listen

          ( ) 29. You had betterhome at once. Don’t keep your mother.

          A. to, wait B. going, waiting

          C. to go, to wait D. go, waiting

          ( ) 30. in the sun is bad for your eyes.

          A. Read B. Reads C. Reading D. To reading

          ( ) 31. When the little baby saw her mother, she couldn’t help.

          A. coming, laughing B. come, to laugh

          C. come, laughs D. came, laughing

          ( ) 32. Will you please get me something?

          A. to eat B. eat C. eating D. for eating

          ( ) 33. The story is. So we arein it.

          A. interest, interesting B. interesting, interesting

          C. interested, interesting D. interesting, interested

          ( ) 34. I’d likea word with you.

          A. had B. having C. to have D. have

          ( ) 35. By then there may be only standing room on the earth. will be a very serious problem.

          A. Where to go B. Where to live

          C. Where to sitting D. Where to stand

          ( ) 36. Hurry up! It’s time.

          A. for have class B. having class

          C. have class D. to have class

          ( ) 37. Can you finishan elephant in two minutes?

          A. draw B. to draw C. drew D. drawing

          ( ) 38. The doctor was busyon the boy at that time.

          A. operate B. operating C. to operated D. operated

          ( ) 39. It was very late at nigh, but Mr. Brown still went on.

          A. works B. worked C. working D. work

          ( ) 40. I have something importantyou.

          A. tell B. telling C. to tell D. tell to

          ( ) 41. It’s importantand helpful.

          A. to be kind B. to kind C. be kind D. kind

          ( ) 42. The young man is old enoughthe army.

          A. join B. joining C. to join D. joins

          ( ) 43. His wish wasa scientist.

          A. to becomes B. becomes C. become D. to become

          ( ) 44. On Sundays I preferat home toout.

          A. to stay, go B. staying, go

          C. staying, going D. to stay, going

          ( ) 45. A: What made you so sad?

          B: three tickets to the pop music concert.

          A. Lost B. Losing C. Because of concert D. Since I lost

          ( ) 46. The teacher agreedlessons to his students.

          A. give B. that he give C. to give D. that he will give

          ( ) 47. All the students learnedup words in a dictionary.

          A. look how B. how to look C. how look D. to how look

          ( ) 48. Nobody knewa living in that country.

          A. go to B. to make C. how to go D. how to make

          ( ) 49. The baby started. Tryit quiet.

          A. cry, keep B. to cry, to keep

          C. to cry, keep D. cry, to keep

          ( ) 50. He hopesbetter, but never works hard.

          A. how to study B. to how study

          C. to study how D. to study

          ( ) 51. I never heard himso.

          A. say B. to say C. saying D. having said

          ( ) 52. The teacher made her studentstext twice a day.

          A. recite the B. reciting C. to recite the D. recited the

          ( ) 53. She was seenpaper planes in the room.

          A. made B. to make C. makes D. making

          ( ) 54. We sometimes heardsongs in English.

          A. that he sing B. that he sings C. him to sing D. him sing

          ( ) 55. I won’t have himat his mother.

          A. shout B. to shout C. shouting D. to have shouted

          ( ) 56. He made usonthe tree.

          A. go, to water B. to go, to water

          C. go, watering D. to go, water

          ( ) 57. We have no money and no place.

          A. to live in B. to live C. living in D. living

          ( ) 58. I have a few wordsto you.

          A. say B. to say C. speak D. to speak

          ( ) 59. There is no chair for me.

          A. to sit at B. sit with C. to sit D. to sit in

          ( ) 60. Do you have anythingfor yourself?

          A. tell B. say C. to tell D. to say

          ( ) 61. Here is the pen I want.

          A. to write with B. to write C. writing D. to writing

          ( ) 62. He is always the firstand the last.

          A. coming, leaving B. to come, to leave

          C. comes, leaves D. come, leave

          ( ) 63. I don’t feelsome cooking.

          A. enough well to do B. well enough to do

          C. enough well and do D. well enough and do

          ( ) 64. Do you think him easy?

          A. to get along with B. to get along

          C. to be got along with D. to be got along

          ( ) 65. The man run outwhat was wrong with his horse.

          A. to see B. seeing C. see D. for seeing

          ( ) 66. The book is difficult.

          A. to be read B. to read C. read under D. to read by

          ( ) 67. Rememberthe book in time when you have finishedit.

          A. to return, reading B. returning, reading

          C. returning, to read D. to return, to read

          ( ) 68. Do you often see herfor him at the bus stop?

          A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. being waited

          ( ) 69. Mother warns himany more.

          A. to not smoke B. not to smoke

          C. not smoking D. don’t smoke

          ( ) 70. Tom was noticedinto that room at that time.

          A. walk B. walks C. walking D. walked

          ( ) 71. Do you know the“There is no useover the spilt milk?”

          A. word, cry B. saying, crying

          C. saying, cry D. word, crying

          ( ) 72. The patient refusedany medicine.

          A. have B. to have C. how to have D. to how have

          ( ) 73. Lucy ran homethe money.

          A. to get B. getting C. get D. for getting

          ( ) 74. The teacher explained to themthe piano.

          A. that they played B. how they play

          C. to play D. how to play

          ( ) 75. It’s foolishher toover a film.

          A. for, cry B. of, crying C. for, crying D. of, cry

          ( ) 76. I can’t helpthat he is still alive.

          A. thinking B. think C. to think D. of thinking

          ( ) 77. It’s impolite to keep someonefor a long time.

          A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. of have waited

          ( ) 78. Would you mindthe window, please?

          A. open B. me open C. I open D. my opening

          ( ) 79. Do you understandthe machine.

          A. how to operate B. to how operate

          C. to operate D. that you operate

          ( ) 80. Did you notice the little boyaway?

          A. took the apple and run

          B. take the apples and run

          C. taking the apple and run

          D. who taking the apple and run

          ( ) 81. Yesterday I saw a walleton the ground.

          A. lying B. laying C. lies D. lay

          ( ) 82. I think the boy isreach the apple.

          A. enough tall to B. tall enough to

          C. short enough D. enough short to

          ( ) 83. Many people like to watch othersthe game.

          A. plays B. played C. to play D. play

          ( ) 84. The doctor advised Lao Limore rest.

          A. that he get B. to get C. would get D. get

          ( ) 85. Don't forget toyour friends with you tomorrow.

          A. take B. bring C. carry D. get

          ( ) 86. Our teacher told uswaste time.

          A. not B. not to C. don't D. to not

          ( ) 87. Look! There is a boyin the river.

          A. swim B. is swimming C. swimming D. swims

          ( ) 88. Would you pleasea rest? You looked tired.

          A. to stop have B. to stop to have

          C. stop having D. stop to have

          ( ) 89. Don’t be afraid ofmistakes when you learn English.

          A. make B. making C. to make D. made

          ( ) 90. Do you have anythingat the meeting for yourself.

          A. speak B. say C. to speak D. to say

          ( ) 91. It’ll take me only twenty minutes school.

          A. walk B. walking C. to walk D. walked

          ( ) 92. He has somethingabout with them.

          A. to talk B. talk C. to tell D. tell

          ( ) 93. is really dangerous!

          A. Drive cars fast B. Driving cars fast

          C. To drive car fast D. Driving car fast

          ( ) 94. We have no timea rest.

          A. have B. take C. taking D. to have

          ( ) 95. I have three more letterstoday.

          A. I write B. to write C. to write to D. writing

          ( ) 96. He is still unable to make himselfin English.

          A. understand B. understood

          C. understands D. understanding

          ( ) 97. This is the room.

          A. for me to live B. for me living

          C. my living in D. for me to live in

          ( ) 98. I didn’t spend all the moneythe books.

          A. to buy B. buying C. have bought D. bought

          ( ) 99. The students used bikeswater for Granny Wang.

          A. to carry B. carry C. carrying D. carried

          ( ) 100. Does he oftenyou on Sunday?

          A. come to see B. comes to see

          C. comes and sees D. come and to see


          01. D 02. C 03. A 04. A 05. C 06. D 07. B

          08. B 09. A 10. C 11. A 12. D 13. A 14. B 15. B 16. C 17. D 18. B

          19. B 20. C 21. C 22. C 23. A 24. C 25. D 26. C 27. A 28. B 29. D 30. C

          31. A 32. A 33. D 34. C 35. B 36. D 37. D 38. B 39. C 40. C

          41. A 42. C 43. D 44. C 45. B 46. C 47. B 48. D 49. B 50. D

          51. A 52. A 53. B 54. D 55. A 56. C 57. A 58. B 59. D 60. D

          61. A 62. B 63. B 64. A 65. A 66. B 67. A 68. A 69. B 70. C

          71. B 72. B 73. A 74. D 75. D 76. A 77. C 78. D 79. A 80. B

          81. A 82. B 83. D 84. B 85. A 86. B 87. C 88. D 89. B 90. D

          91. C 92. A 93. B 94. D 95. B 96. B 97. D 98. B 99. A 100. A

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