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          1. ---Do you know what he did all day?

          ---He spent as much time playing as he ______.

          A. studying B. was studying C. studied D. did studying

          2. I can’t say ______I want to see him again. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.

          A. how long B. how soon C. how often D. how much

          3. It is said that land animals ______ from sea animals.

          A. were developed B. developed C. are developing D. develops

          4. ---Would you like some coffee?

          ---Yes, and please get me some milk, too. I prefer coffee ______milk.

          A. to B. with C. than D. of

          5. ______ made his teacher unhappy.

          A. Tom came late B. Tom’s came late C. Tom’s late D. Tom’s coming late

          6. Father asked Edison ________.

          A. what was he doing that for B. why he was doing that for

          C. how he was doing that for D. what he was doing that for

          7. We are going to have the sports meeting _____it _______tomorrow.

          A. if, rains B. unless, will rain C. unless, rains D. when, will rain

          8. ______ of the students in our class _______ from the country.

          A. Three fifth, is B. Three fifths, are C. Third fives, are D. Three five, is

          9. News can _____every corner of the world with the help of the Internet.

          A. reach B. arrive C. get D. reach to

          10. Here is only one seat for the old man________.

          A. to sit B. sitting C. sitting on D. to sit on

          11. Though this pair of shoes is a bit expensive, I would like to________.

          A. try them on B. try on them C. try them out D. try out them

          12. How can we finish ____ much work in ___a short time?

          A. so, so B. such, such C. so, such D. such, so

          13. Last night, he had his car________.

          A. to steal B. stole C. stealing D. stolen

          14. Last night several young men ________the bank of lots of money.

          A. stole B. robbed C. took D. got

          15. Where was this big egg_____?

          A. lied B. lain C. laid D. lay

          16. _______ school, we can get much knowledge.

          A. Because B. Thanks for C. Thanks with D. Thanks to

          17. You’d better think about ________ a car now.

          A. whether buy B. if buy C. whether to buy D. if to buy

          18. He talks too much as if he ______everything.

          A. knows B. knew C. has known D. to know

          19. He will come to stay with us for _________________ next month.

          A. some time sometime B. sometime some time C. sometime D. some times

          20. This radio program is well worth________.

          A. listening B. listening to C. watching D. to listen

          21. He must be a doctor, _________?

          A. mustn’t he B. must he C. is he D. isn’t he

          22. This building is taller than _________one around it.

          A. any other B. another one C. any D. some other

          23. Though he live________, he doesn’t feel ________ because he can enjoy himself at home.

          A. lonely, lonely B. alone, alone C. alone, lonely D. lonely, alone

          24. Yangzhou High School sounds _________ a good one. But I would like to have more information about it.

          A. / B. as C. like D. what

          25. ---How long_______ you _______ the English dictionary?

          ---About half a year.

          A. have, got B. did, buy C. have, had D. have, bought

          26. _______ my great surprise, such a little boy can draw so many beautiful pictures.

          A. In B. With C. To D. For

          27. _____the old man spoke, ____he became.

          A. The more, the angry B. The more, the more angrily

          C. The more, the angrier D. The most ,the angrier

          28. ____the help of my English teacher, I did well in English last term.

          A. Under B. In C. With D. For

          29. She _____a teacher, but now she is a doctor.

          A. used be B. used to be C. was used to be D. was

          30. What do you think __________him change his mind?

          A. to make B. made C. make D. making

          31. They are practising _______in the hall.

          A. dance B. to dance C. dancing D. to dancing

          32. It is _____that we all like to read it.

          A. so good a book. B. such good a book C. so a good book D. such good books

          33. She often offers _______.

          A. us with some food B. some food to us C. us to some food D. money me

          34. Most sharks feed _____ fish and other animals.

          A. with B. for C. on D. by

          35. ---Can you look after my daughter for me while I am away?


          A. It’s a pleasure B. With pleasure C. Not at all D. You’re welcome

          36. Can you think of a way ________ it?

          A. doing B. do C. to do D. of do

          37. I’ll get her _______harder. You wait and see.

          A. study B. to study C. studied D. studies

          38. Hearing his mother’s voice, the child couldn’t wait _______out.

          A. rushing B. to rush C. rushed D. for rushing

          39. The king _______himself from a leaning tree.

          A. hung B. hanged C. hunged D. hang

          40. Jim got up early _______ he caught the early train.

          A. because B. or C. so that D. until

          41. When _______the PRC______, do you know?

          A. did, find B. did, found C. was, found D. was, founded

          42. What’s six _________ seven?

          A. multiplies B. multiplying C. multiplied D. multiplied by

          43. My watch has stopped. It seems that I’ll go and _____ this afternoon.

          A. have someone repaired it B. have someone to repair it

          C. have someone repair it D. have it repair

          44. I’m sure that their team will ______ ours.

          A. fail B. take C. win D. beat

          45. The flight was put off ________ fog.

          A. because B. as the result C. as a result of D. as

          46. He watched the game with a ______look.

          A. surprising B. surprised C. surprise D. surprises

          47. _____the time he got up, the road had already be covered with think snow.

          A. For B. By C. At D. Until

          48. It’s very ________ to talk with him.

          A. worth B. rewarding C. deserve D. pleasure

          49. To help animals is _______humans themselves.

          A. help B. helping C. helpful D. to helping

          50. Have you seen the pen ______I have lost?

          A. what B. that C. who D. whose

          51. The boy was too _______ to move when the train came near.

          A. afraid B. frightening C. frightened D. frighten

          52. Water must be kept _______away.

          A. to run B. runs C. running D. from running

          53. He is the ______of his parents. They are very _______of him.

          A. proud, pride B. pride, proud C. pride, pride D. proud, proud

          54. Mum, my shoes are______. Can I have a new pair?

          A. wearing out B. worn C. worn out D. broken out

          55. _______! You have a lot of time to go.

          A. Don’t rush B. Don’t rush out C. Don’t look D. Don’t go

          56. He had lived in this city _______I moved here. But I hear that he will leave this city_______.

          A. long before, before long B. before long, before long

          C. long before, long before D. before long, long before

          57. It’s __________late now ,but I still have ___________homework to do.

          A. too much, too much B. much too, much too

          C. too much, much too D. much too, too much

          58. He has great ________ in collecting stamps.

          A. interesting B. interested C. interest D. to interest

          59. We should make a contribution to _______the environment.

          A. improve B. improving C. change D. changing

          60. ---May I _______your motorbike, please?

          ---Certainly. But you mustn’t ______ it to others.

          A. lend, lend B. borrow, lend C. borrow, borrow D. lend, borrow

          61. The captains of the two sides will _______the conversation later.

          A. go on B. carry on C. keep on D. go with

          62. Will you please make ________ for me? I must be together with my baby.

          A. a room B. room C. a space D. rooms

          63. The machine must be ________at once.

          A. put off B. put on C. put away D. put right

          64. I wonder _______ the rain will stop soon.

          A. that B. / C .if D. what

          65. I will help you if I _______.

          A. am able B. will be able C. can be able to D. am able to

          66. I think _______impossible to learn English well in a short time.

          A. that B. this C. it D. /

          67. No matter______, you should not give it up.

          A. what will happen B. what is happened C. what happens D. happen what

          68. There is nothing _______with you. You needn’t be worried.

          A. the wrong B. matter C. the matter D. the problem

          69. Older people should __________politely.

          A. speak to B. be spoken C. be spoken to D. spoken to

          70. You should have a try _______you don’t know how to do it.

          A. though B. even though D. as though D. even

          71. When do you think________?

          A. will he be back B. he will be back C. will be he back D. he will back

          72. We usually see the sign “This Side Up”_______.

          A. in a room B. on the road C. on a box D. on a glass

          73. I will _______ until your father comes back home. I have something important to talk with him.

          A. not wait B. leave C. wait D. not to wait

          74. --- This boy is very clever.


          A. So is he B. So he is C. He is so D. He so is

          75. It’s not an easy thing to give up _________ at my age.

          A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking D. to smoking

          76. Hainan Island is the place _____, whether it is summer or winter.

          A. to go B. to travel C. to be D. to visit to

          77. He is afraid _______the bridge because he is afraid _______ into the water.

          A. to cross, of falling B. of crossing, to fall

          C. to cross, to fall D. of crossing, of falling

          78. He has lived and worked in China _______1996.

          A. in B. since C. for D. by

          79. It’s great fun _______ the yo-yo. Do you want a go?

          A. playing B. to play C. play with D. playing with

          80. I really don’t know what ________next. Can you help me?

          A. to do B. to do it C. do D. do it

          81. Someone has called the police, ________?

          A. has he B. hasn’t she C. hasn’t they D. haven’t they

          82. You’d better go to bed early on weekdays, _______ you?

          A. hadn’t B. didn’t C. weren’t D. needn’t

          83. My parents went to work, leaving me _______ the homework at home alone.

          A. to do B. did C. for doing D. doing

          84. Your pen writes_______. Where did you buy it?

          A. good B. nice C. neat D. well

          85. She is _______ girl that I have ever known.

          A. good B. better C. the best D. best

          86. We lived a hard life _______.

          A. in the 1960s B. in 1960s C. in the 1960 D. in 1960s’

          87. English is spoken ______the world.

          A. all over B. by C. as D. for

          88. All the students _______when they heard the good news.

          A. were cheered B. cheered C. are cheered D. cheering

          89. Modem can be used for connecting a computer ______ a phone line.

          A. with B. for C. to D. towards

          90. _______ the population by the year 2050?

          A. How many will be B. How much will be C. What will be D. What will

          91. Your ticket must _______ ahead of time.

          A. book B. be booked C. order D. be ordered

          92. You must_______ try _______make mistakes any more.

          A. not, to B. /, not to C. /, don’t D. /, to

          93. Don’t _______the seas any more, or the living things in them will die.

          A. litter B. litter into C. litter to D. litter in

          94. In the first half, we scored three_______.

          A. balls B. footballs C. goals D. games

          95. Last year the boss of a large factory _______two million yuan to our school.

          A. gave in B. gave up C. gave back D. gave away

          96. I saw him _______ your room when I walked past yesterday afternoon.

          A. entering into B. to enter C. enter D. enter into

          97. I’d like something _______ English. Could you make some for me?

          A. real B. really C. true D. truly

          98. The teacher said that light _______faster than sound.

          A. travelled B. is travelling C. travels D. to travel

          99. To complain too often ______a good thing.

          A. it isn’t B. that isn’t C. isn’t D. isn’t it

          100. There are many _______ people working for the Great Green Wall.

          A. million B. million of C. millions of D. millions


          1.D。所空部分为省略结构,完整说法是:(as...as he)spent studying. 此处用did代替spent。

          2. D。根据句意应该是“我说不出我有多么想他”。

          3. B。动物的演变为主动,无被动之意,而且develop作为不及物动词是“发展”、“演变”的意思,作为及物动词是“开发”的意思。

          4. B。我们很容易受“prefer...to..”的影响而误选A。根据上下文,“我”想要的是“加牛奶的咖啡”。

          5. D。名词所有格后面要接动名词形式。late是形容词,故不能选C。


          7. C。unless是“除非”的意思,相当于 if not。当主句的谓语是一般将来时的时候,由unless引导的状语从句要用一般现在时。

          8. B。这是考查分数的表达法。分子用基数词,分母用序数词。当分子超过“一”时,分母的序数词要用复数。谓语应和分数后的部分保持一致。

          9. A。这是学生容易弄错的。reach=arrive at (in)=get to。

          10. D。这是考查动词不定式作定语的用法。动词不定式作定语时,与前面的名词存在动宾关系,故要用及物动词,如不是及物动词要补上适当的介词。

          11. A。try out是“尝试”的意思,try on才是“试穿”的意思,其中的on是副词,them应放在中间。

          12. C。有些同学认为such用来修饰名词work,故选B。但是so many 或so much 是固定搭配。

          13. D。“让别人做”要用“have sth. done”结构。

          14. B。steal和rob的用法不同。它们的固定搭配是:steal sth. from sb.; rob sb. of sth.。

          15. C。这是学生很容易错的题目。要分清这几个词的变化形式:lie (说谎)—lied, lied; lie (平躺)—lay, lain; lay (生蛋)—laid, laid。

          16. D。thanks for是“感谢(事情)”的意思,thanks to是“幸亏”的意思。because 后面接从句,不可选。

          17. C。这是考查if和whether的用法区别。当前面有介词时要用whether。该句中whether和动词不定式一起做about的宾语。

          18. B。这是一种虚拟语气。当 as if 用来表示现在或将来不可能做到的动作时要用一般过去时。又如:He treats me as if I were a child. (他把我当小孩看待。)

          19. A。要注意这些词形很相像,但意思不同。sometime(未来)某时,some time一些时间,sometimes有时,some times几次。根据句义“下个月某个时间他将来和我们呆一段时间”很容易作出选择。

          20. B。be worth doing结构中的动词要用及物动词,如动词本身不是及物动词,要加上适当的介词。

          21. D。当must表示“猜测”时,反意疑问句部分与must后的词保持一致。又如:He must have come back, hasn’t he? (他一定会来,是吗?)

          22. C。当比较的两个事物不在同一个范围里时,不用other来排除,只用any。

          23. C。alone 在句中只能作表语或状语,意思是“单独的(地)”;lonely在句中既可以作表语,也可以作定语,意思是“孤独的”。

          24. C。sound(听起来)后面可以直接接形容词作表语,如果后面是名词时要加like。

          25. C。buy和get是非延续性动词,不能用在表示延续的现在完成式中。

          26. C。to one’s (great) surprise是一个固定短语,意思是“使某人惊讶的是”。

          27. C。“the+比较级,the+比较级”是一个固定句型,表示“越……,越……”。

          28. C。with one’s help 是固定短语,意为“在……的帮助下”。不能受汉语的影响而选A。

          29. B。used to do (be) 表示“过去常常做(是)”,而be used to sth. / doing sth.表示“习惯于……”。

          30. B。do you think 在句中是插入语,如果将此插入语拿掉,答案就很明显了: What made him change his mind?

          31. C。practise doing sth.是固定搭配。

          32. A。我们可用“such+ a (an) + 形容词+单数可数名词”,也可用“so+形容词+a(an) +单数可数名词”,因此 so good a book =such a good book。

          33. B。offer sth. to sb.是固定搭配,意为“向……提供……”。

          34. C。feed on是固定短语,意为“以……为食”。

          35. B。It’s a pleasure, Not at all和You’re welcome都是用来回答别人的感谢,意为“不用谢。” With pleasure用来回答别人的请求,意为“愿意效劳”。

          36. C。动词不定式to do作way的定语,如果用 of 后面要接doing 。

          37. B。这是“get sb. to do sth.”结构。要注意句中的her是宾格,而不是物主代词,故不能选D(studies 学业)。

          38. B。can’t wait to do sth.是固定表达法,意为“迫不及待地做”,而wait for后面只能接名词或代词,不能接动词。

          39. B。这是考查对hang一词的理解。hang有两种意思,一为“悬挂”,其过去式和过去分词都是不规则的(hung, hung),一为“吊死、绞死 ”,其过去式和过去分词是规则的(hanged, hanged)。

          40. C。so that表示目的或结果,意为“以便于、结果”。

          41. D。find (found, found)是“发现”,found (founded, founded)是“建立”。一个组织或国家的建立应用被动结构。

          42. D。“多少乘以多少”要用multiplied by 来表示。

          43. C。have someone do sth.是一种固定结构,意为“请别人做”。

          44. D。“赢得比赛”要用win, “打败某人或某个队”要用beat。

          45.C。as a result of 是“由于……的缘故”的意思,as a result 是“结果”的意思。because 后面不能接名词,because of 后面才可以接名词。

          46. B。surprising 是“令人惊讶”的意思,surprised是“感到惊讶”的意思。“面露惊讶之色”显然是“感到惊讶”。

          47. B。主句用的是过去完成时,说明主句动作发生在“he got up”之前。by表示“到……为止”,当它引导的时间状语是一般过去时的时候,主句应该用过去完成时。

          48. B。worth一般用于be worth sth./doing sth.句型中。rewarding 是个普通形容词,意为“值得的”,deserve 是动词,意为“应得、值得”,后接名词或动词不定式。

          49. B。这里用动词ing结构作表语。

          50. B。这是定语从句,先行词如果是“物”时要用 that 或 which 来引导,what只能引导一个宾语从句或主语从句。

          51. C。afraid的意思是“恐怕”,frightened是“受惊吓”的意思。

          52. D。当keep sb./sth. (from)dong 变为被动句时,from不能省。

          53. B。pride是名词,意为“引为骄傲的人”,proud是形容词,意为“感到骄傲的”。be proud of 意思是“对……感到骄傲”。

          54. C。“……被穿坏了”要用be worn out 来表示。

          55. A。“Don’t rush”还可以表示“别急”的意思。

          56. A。long before 是“很久之前”的意思,before long是“不久之后”的意思。

          57. D。too much 是too 修饰much ,意为“太多”,much too是much 修饰too,意为“非常、太”。

          58. C。has是动词,应用名词作宾语。interesting和interested是形容词。

          59. B。make a contribution to 中的to 是介词,后面要接ing形式。change the environment不符逻辑。

          60. B。borrow意为“向……借”,lend意为“将……借给”。

          61. B。carry on后可以直接带名词或代词作宾语,而go on要加介词with后才能带名词或代词作宾语。

          62. B。make room for是固定短语,意为“给……让位置”,其中room是“空间位置”的意思,为不可数名词。

          63. D。put off意为“推迟”,put on意为“穿(戴)上”,put away意为“收好”,put right意为“修理”。

          64. C。wonder if表示“对……感到怀疑”。wonder 后面不能接that从句。

          65. D。be able to 是固定短语。在这里是if I am able to help you的省略,一定要保留to。

          66. C。这里是句型 think it + adj. +to do sth.,意为“认为做……怎么样”。其中it是形式宾语。

          67. C。由no matter 引导坏状语从句,当主句用一般将来时或情态动词的时候,从句要用一般现在时。happen为不及物动词,不能有被动语态。

          68. C。说“什么东西(人)有毛病”的时候,我们用there is something wrong 来表示。这里的wrong可以用matter来替换,但一定要加定冠词the。

          69. C。被动语态的谓语要用及物动词,如果不是及物动词,要补上适当的介词。该句的主动语态是“We must speak to older people politely.”,改成被动句时to不能省。

          70. B。根据分析该句的意思应该是“即使你不知道如何去做,你也要尝试一下”。though“虽然”,as though“好像”,even though“即使”。

          71. B。当When will he be back 中加入插入语do you think时,do you think 后的语序应该用陈述句语序。back 是副词,不能放在will的后面。

          72. C。“This Side Up”意为“此侧向上”,一般印在包装盒上。

          73. C。在not...until 结构中,谓语要用非延续性动词,如果是延续性动词,则不用否定句。

          74. B。注意so he is 和so is he的区别。前者表示“他的确是这样”(表示赞同),两句的主语是指同一个人;后者表示“他也如此”,两句的主语不是同一个人。

          75. C。give up后面要接动词的ing形式,意为“放弃做……”。

          76. C。如果用动词 to go 或 to travel 做定语,后面都要加to,而to visit后是不能加to的。

          77. A。be afraid to do sth.是 “不敢做”的意思,be afraid of doing sth.是“害怕产生什么后果”的意思。

          78. B。如果选A,则谓语要用一般过时,如果选D,则谓语要用过去完成时,如果选C,则表示已经住了1996年,显然不符逻辑。

          79. D。yo-yo是一种玩具,玩它要说play with the yo-yo。It’s great fun后要接动词的-ing形式。

          80. A。“what+动词不定式”作know的宾语,在意思上what是do的宾语,因此不能再加it。

          81.D。针对someone, anyone 或nobody的反意疑问句要用they来替代他们,针对something, anything或nothing的反意疑问句则要用it来代替。

          82. A。我们可以将had better作为情态动词。

          83.D。leave sb./sth. doing 表示“将... ...留下做... ...”。

          84. D。这里的动词write是不及物动词,不是连系动词,要用副词来修饰它。类似的说法还有:sell well(畅销),grow well(长势好)等。

          85. C。“我”所认识的女孩不止一个,因此要用最高级。

          86. A。in the 1960s 表示“20世纪60年代”,这是一种固定说法。

          87. A。被动句中动作的执行者和动作的承受者要分清,这里我们省略了by the people。切不可望文生义。

          88. B。cheer意为“高兴”,是不及物动词。

          89. C。connect...to是固定搭配,意为“将……连接到……上”。

          90. C。问人口 (population) 的“多少”要用what不用how many (much)。

          91. B。book为预订“票”,order则为预订“货物”或“点菜”。票要预订显然用被动语态。

          92. B。not try to do sth.是“不努力去做”的意思,try not to 是“努力不做”意思。not try to make mistakes“不努力去犯错误”显然不符合逻辑。

          93. A。“往……抛垃圾”可以用“litter+地方”来表示。

          94. C。“进了几个球”、“得了几分”要说score...goals。这里的goal表示“得分”、“进球”的意思。

          95. D。give in屈服,give up放弃,give back归还,give away捐献。

          96. C。enter是及物动词,意为“进入到……里面”,后面不能再接介词。

          97. B。这里用副词really来修饰形容词English。

          98. C。当宾语从句表示客观规律时动词要用一般现在时。

          99. C。动词不定式 “to complain too often” 在句中作主语,用it就重复了。如果将动词不定式置于后则要用it来代替:It isn’t a good thing to complain too often。

          100. C。当hundred, thousand, million和billion前面用具体数字时来限定时,不用复数形式。hundreds of / thousands of / millions of表示“数百”、“数千”、“数百万”,它们可以用many, several等来修饰。

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