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          Unit3. How do you get to school?

          1. I think they can ________ there. It’s a little far.

          A. by bus B. take a bus C. on foot C. walk

          2. It usually takes my mother an hour __________ dinner.

          A. to cook B. cooks C. cooking D. cook

          3. —__________ is it from your home to the shopping center?

          —Five kilometers.

          A.How long B.How many C.How far D.How much

          4. I want to __________ to Beijing.

          A. on a train B. take a train C. by train D. take train

          5. —_______ do you go to work?

          —I take a bus.

          A. When B. Where C. How D. What time

          6. My sister’s home is _______ from here.

          A. half an hour away on foot

          B. three kilometer away

          C.10 minutes’ walk

          D. two hours

          7. The accident(事故) happened ____7:00 pm ____ 9:00pm.

          A. from; to B. between; to C. from; and D. between; and

          8. Beijing is far_____ Shanghai.

          A. for B. to C. from D. at

          9. —______ does it take to walk there?

          —About ten minutes.

          A. How long B. How far C. How often D. How soon

          10. —When do you usually get up , Mary?

          —_____ 6:30 in the morning.

          A. In B.On C. With D. At


          1-5 BACBC 6-10 CDCAD

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