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          Unit4. Don’t eat in class.

          1. Please __________ late for the meeting.

          A. isn’t B. aren’t C. don’t be D. not be

          2. Tim can’t watch TV ________ school nights.

          A. on B. at C. for D. in

          3.—I would like some bread and a cup of coffee.

          —________ do you want?

          A. What other B. What others

          C. What else D. What the other

          4. Don’t forget________ me this evening.

          A. to call B. call C. calls D. calling

          5. Linda ________school at 7:30 in the morning.

          A. gets B. arrives C. gets to D. arrives to

          6. ________wet umbrellas.

          A. No B. Not C. Don’t D. Aren’t

          7. Don’t be ______, please. The baby is sleeping.

          A. noise B. quiet C. noisy D. dirty

          8. It’s not good to arrive late _________ school.

          A. to B. for C. with D. of

          9. —_______ your friend like?

          —He’s smart and a little shy.

          A. What does B. What is C. What are D. How does

          10. Students have to wear _________ on school days.

          A. glasses B. school uniforms C. watches D. earrings


          1-5 CACAC 6-10 ACBBB

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